About us

Lurrell Industries, a part of Nowocoat Industrial, is an innovative and modern paint manufacturer with roots going back to 1861. We provide innovative, functional and durable coatings for industrial, manufacturing and professional use. In 2018, we opened our new factory in Denmark where we can produce up to 200.000 liters per day - with full traceability, respect for the environment and optimal quality assurance. 

We do not follow trends - we set them!
Through our innovation and development, we create new standards for the effect that is achievable through surface treatment, while entering into close collaborations with our customers so that we can supply solutions that fit their production and requirements optimally. Our products are developed and quality-verified by an experienced team of specialists with a passion for coatings for mineral, wood and metal surfaces.

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Lurrell Industries was founded in 1989 in Roskilde, Denmark. The company produced oil, lye and soaps for a world-wide furniture market. In 2019, Nowocoat acquired Lurrell in connection with a generational change and future suistanable development. The merging enables us to diversify our Scandinavian product range with continously focus on providing innovative, functional and sustainable wood care solutions for industrial and DIY markets across Europe and Asia.

Lurrell's top priority is quality, good sustainable products and effective logistics. This has affirmed our position and prestige in the global wood coatings industry, which we cherish with great care.

The company has come a long way to its current success, and we are now locally represented in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, aiming at distributing Green Tech coatings to the growing Asian market as well as to be able to offer premium sales service with reduced delivery time and superior technical support.

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