Product Range

The Lurrell Industries A/S Sustainable Wood Care is founded on the love of Scandinavian wood treatment - a natural way, using natural resources. It is important that wood products stand out for their aesthetic appeal and durability, providing comfort, quality, safe and worry-free performance.

AtLurrell Industries A/S, our R&D specialists continuously innovate and improve products’ features through close cooperation with professionals in the field of surface treatment.

The WB DH Oil products covers a broad range of transparent and semi transparent builds for exterior wood and enables a green solution for builds of excellent quality. The oils consists partly of renewable resources, has low VOC and complies to most norms regarding environmentally harmful metals and other compounds of concern.

Interior portfolio covers the whole range of waterbased solutions for wood. Below points represents solutions on both traditionally physically drying, chemically crosslinking, 2 component and UV Hardening products.

  • WB oil and acrylic modified treatments of floorings.
  • Foodgrade approved WB oil treatments for kitchen utensils.
  • WB PUD’s for kitchen, furniture and windows-frames.
  • WB acrylics for mouldings, doors, frames and furnitures.
  • 100% UV sealers and topcoats for all kind of int. woodprotections.
  • Intumescent coating builds for flame retardant treatments.
  • UV systems for ordinary substrates like chipboard/particleboard, HDF, MDF and others.

At Lurrell Industries A/S we dispose over state of the art laboratory facilities. A long established tradition for special designed products which fits specific production-lines has been the way of development for the staff in many cases.