(PL)Danish coating-innovation establishes a new base in Southeast Asia (2)

Danish coating-innovation establishes a new base in Southeast Asia.


A strategic venture strengthens the position of Nowocoat, high-tech manufacturer of  sustainable and eco-friendly coating for professional and industrial use, in the Asian  markets. The pandemic and current travelling restrictions have accelerated the  establishment of a Southeast Asian office – a venture motivated by a goal to increase sustainability and awareness of the environment through presence, knowledge sharing  and short reaction time.

Six years ago, when Nowocoat, Danish manufacturer of paint and coating, sold the main part of the  company’s activities and began a new ambitious journey, the starting point was a unique passion to set a  new sustainable agenda in the coating industry and access the market with strategic ventures driven by  presence, flexibility and innovation at all levels.

From day one, the focus was to form a well-founded team of innovative specialists on all positions and to  set a specialised team to carry forward an aggressive growth strategy by focused development of green,  sustainable solutions. And Nowocoat has succeeded. With innovative Green Tech products for concrete,  metal and wood coating the company has attained ambitious breakthroughs and certifications which  ensure a strong position as a sub-supplier to the kitchen industry, a large number of esteemed, Danish  furniture brands – and not least international design companies which are known to work with some of the  most detailed and strict environmental guidelines in the world, like Swedish Ikea. Not only as Nowocoat – but also under the recognized brand, Lurrell Sustainable Solutions, which has been an integrated part of  Nowocoat for the last 2 years.  

Internationally, the Danish company is a small player among multinational concerns as Sherwin Williams,  PPG and Akzo Nobel, etc. However, Nowocoat has succeeded in turning this position into competitive  advantages by demonstrating an absolute focus on presence, flexibility, knowledge- and experience  sharing with a growing number of customers in Denmark just as internationally. And especially during the  Covid-pandemic, the wish to be present and flexible speeded up the establishment of a Southeast Asian  office to get closer to the steadily growing Asian furniture industry among others.

The office in Asia is founded under the name of Lurrell Sustainable Solutions. It is situated in Vietnam – and includes a hand-picked team of experienced employees who know the Asian markets, the customers  and not least the characteristic challenges of the Asian industries and working conditions.  

The design of the new set-up is based on the positive experience with working closely with individual  customers as well as natural links between different business units and the Southeast Asian office will be  the gathering point of the company’s activities in Thailand, China, Vietnam and Poland which have many  market-related similarities. As head of the office, Lurrell Sustainable Solutions has employed Ulrik Soll  who has profound business and market experience and is a familiar face in the region.  

‘By being present, having insight and a thorough understanding of production environment and working  conditions, we know that we can actively contribute to a higher degree of sustainability in for instance  the Asian furniture industry by inviting to an open and human dialogue about how to strengthen the  environment as well as to improve local working conditions.’, says CEO at Nowocoat, Ole Enevold Jensen.  He adds that the reaction time gained by having a local base is another significant competitive advantage:  ‘It is easier to secure continuity and drive when we are present in the market – not least in a time when travelling back and forth is unsafe and irresponsible and does not contribute to getting control over the  pandemic and returning to normal conditions.’

’With a combination of Danish and local employees, we create the best preconditions for reaching out to  local markets and draw on the know-how establish by our Scandinavian team of specialists. This means that we can contribute to future-oriented solutions that include not only our product, the coating, but  also focus on optimising energy consumption, disposal and overall green solutions to strengthen climate  action and initiatives for better working conditions.

According to the chairman of the board, Nina Reinert, the new base in Asia is one of several new  initiatives set to continuously boost the ambitious growth of Nowocoat: ’Our innovative R&D team steadily  works to develop eco-friendly products in line with Danish as well as international climate goals.  Furthermore, we have untapped production capacity, unexploited growth potential and not least, we  think that our alternative, Scandinavian can impact the future.’